Welcome to effortless ecommerce for PRE-START and EARLY STAGE businesses

Online Stores for PRE-START businesses

Firsts can be fun!

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s new. We understand.

What are ANGELFYSH PRE-START and EARLY STAGE customers like?


You want someone you can trust. You want to talk to the person that actually does the work. You want to do it once – and right.


You know what you want to sell. You know your customer. You think you can make a small profit margin in year 1, rising year-on-year. You are targeting a six-figure turnover before the end of year 3, so you can start to take home a good starting wage. You want to learn and improve every day. So that you – and your business – grow to stand on their own two feet.

Balls to bells and whistles.

When it comes to your online store design, if an aspect of the design helps you to build a brand and sell more, it’s in. If not – it’s not. So if you value ‘elaborate’ over ‘elegant’, and ‘snazzy’ over ‘sales’, ANGELFYSH is not for you.


ANGELFYSH creates simpler, more stable solutions that smooth the path to purchase.

Who does what?

Who does what?

Let’s be clear on what bits ANGELFYSH does for PRE-START and EARLY STAGE businesses. And what bits you do.


Scoping your online store – together.

If you recognise yourself in how we describe ANGELFYSH PRE-START and EARLY STAGE customers, we can already estimate what your investment will be. Call Lisa on +44(0)7720 748 785 to discuss.


Then, we dedicate 3 hours to turning your estimate into an accurate quotation. With you. For free. Probably 1 hour on Zoom. Then 2 hours for us to put the more accurate quotation together. We discuss store functionality and bolt-ons. That includes payment methods, security, deferred payment options for your customers, social media integration and more.


What ANGELFYSH does.

We design and build your online store using the world’s best template-driven software. So that’s Shopify or WordPress. We design with you. Build for you. Then test with you. Then we hand your store over to you to populate. Then we help you go live!


And don’t worry. We’re there for you post-launch, too. We have a small bank of hours, included in the price, that you draw down from for up to a year. You want you to feel supported and cared for.

What you do.
You take and add all photography. You write and add all copy. Once launched, you build your business and your brand. Then you make lots of money and buy a yacht.



Why should a PRE-START or EARLY STAGE business choose ANGELFYSH to create its online store?


It’s all about you.
ANGELFYSH shifts the focus from what we’re selling. To what you’re selling. The real test of an online store is not how much you notice it – it is how little. We’re not chasing awards for our team. We’re chasing sales for yours.


Technically terrific.
An ANGELFYSH online store means fast, secure and uninterrupted browsing and buying for your customers. No ifs. No buts.


All you need.
It’s hard when you don’t know what you don’t know. So everything we include – is everything you need to launch and run your online store. ANGELFYSH is a complete solution.


About our customers.
ANGELFYSH customers are ambitious owner managers that employ ANGELFYSH to focus on our strengths. Whilst they focus on theirs. We tend to build close and enduring relationships. Because we are the same as you. We’re not just online store builders. We are online store and brand owners ourselves.


And most of all, we know that your success – is our success. Call Lisa on +44(0)7720 748 785 to explore working with ANGELFYSH.

Lisa Forster Owen

Lisa Forster Owen


“I turn ‘worry’ into ‘happy’ for PRE-START and EARLY STAGE businesses.


I’ve been where you are. I run my own stores. So I know the business side as well as the online store creation side.


That gives us both the edge.


I’m +44 (0)7720 748 785. Call anytime.”

Michael Owen

Mychael Owen


“Lisa will lead your PRE-START and EARLY STAGE online store project. Lisa works on 2 or 3 projects at the same time. But no more. So there might be a little wait, I’m afraid.


I’m here to help with broader business advice, if you need that.


As well as supporting Lisa (and you), I currently head up mychael, Always Wear Red and 50odd.


I’m +44 (0)7960 117 077. Call anytime.”

How can we help?

We’ll get back to you within 2 working days. Or call Lisa on +44 (0)7720 748 785 if you’d like to chat sooner.

    How can we help?

    We’ll get back to you within 2 working days. Or call Lisa on +44 (0)7720 748 785 if you’d like to chat sooner.

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