Hiut Denim

Reassure And They Will Buy.

Brand name.

Hiut Denim.

What is it?

They make jeans, that’s it.

What we can learn.

Developing an online store for ‘high value, low volume’ products is different than for ‘low value, high volume’ products.

With the former (high value low volume), forget about using ‘urgency tactics’ and functionality that encourages the customer to throw as much in their basket as quickly as possible. Your customer should be made to feel calm, nurtured and reassured during the buying process.

After all, the initial feeling of exhilaration at the start of your journey towards buying an expensive product can diminish as you move through ‘add to basket’ and ‘checkout’.

Shoppers exploring buying expensive or luxury goods appreciate drip, drip, drip reassurance that they’ll get what they paid for. They appreciate reassurance that their purchase will arrive when you say it will. And that it can be returned if it’s not suitable for whatever reason.

Hiut Denim address this really well. The visitor to the online store is reassured throughout. They’re reminded about the excellent making. The sizing. The returns policy.

What size? An in-the-page size chart and in-the-page ‘how to measure’ graphics answers this.

What if they don’t fit me? Exchange or return up to 90 days after purchase note clearly visible below the ‘add to basket’ button.

How and where are they made? Who makes them? Blocks of information answer this.

Hiut Denim keep it simple. They provide just the right amount of information, at just the right times. This helps smooth the path to purchase.


I can’t see anywhere that the visitor would have to leave the page they are on to learn about their potential purchase. Really smart.


The pages do feel a little text heavy. But for me I can live with that. And so can Hiut because as mentioned, the path to purchase remains uninterrupted.

Did You Know?

Hiut Denim make jeans, that’s it, nothing else. Do one thing well is their mantra.




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    How can we help?

    We’ll get back to you within 2 working days. Or call Lisa on +44 (0)7720 748 785 if you’d like to chat sooner.

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