The Works

Less Clicks. More Sales.

Brand name.

The Works.

What is it?

Bargain books, toys, stationery and art stuff (mostly) for kids.

What we can learn.

The Works website is ugly. The products are mainly mediocre. Their sustainability credentials are likely to be questionable (all that plastic and paper!) But their prices are good and their range is vast. And that’s probably why they sell over a million products per week online. So what can we learn from their website? As I always say – the little things are the big things. And because The Works is a high volume, low unit cost website this means that it’s a super-fast click, click, click experience for the consumer. As they throw £1 item, after £2 item, after £1.50 item into their basket. And that’s what leads us to ‘the little thing, that is a big thing’. With this kind of online purchase, speed is important. And that’s why you can see a drop-down of what is in your basket, at any time, with a simple mouse over. No clicks. Nothing to take you away from the serious business of buying! Simpler – once again – is better.


Focuses the consumer on the one reason they came, and the one thing you want you to do, too. Buy!


Here’s a general point… It is crucial to acknowledge that this kind of decision is always a brand decision. Overtly ‘hurry-to-checkout’ facilitation (‘BUY NOW’ buttons, for example – which work well on The Works website) can undermine luxury brand experiences. A £1,000 outfit should feel like a leisurely and educational process. So it’s horses for course. I remove any functionality that does not smooth the path to purchase as a matter of course. That’s the ANGELFYSH way. But not at the expense of the right experience for the brand.

Did You Know?

The Works serve 22 million people each year. So they’re doing something right!



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    How can we help?

    We’ll get back to you within 2 working days. Or call Lisa on +44 (0)7720 748 785 if you’d like to chat sooner.

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