Broad focus or Narrow focus

13 Dec 2017

At angelfysh we talk about how doing ‘this’ as opposed to ‘that’ will really help a business.

So today, we look at whether your business will benefit most from a broad focus or a narrow focus.


Naturally people often assume that a broader focus for your business is better. After all, a broader focus means you’re targeting more people which should lead to more sales shouldn’t it?


Narrow is better.

Think of it this way, who wants to be a member of a club where everyone can be a member? If it was us, we’d want to be a member of a club that is specifically for me or how I aspire to be.

And it’s no different in business. You need to know who your target audience is – How old are they, where they shop, what they eat, even what their personalities are. Once you know who your customer avatar is, it should be easier to target them. Find out how to create your customer avatar with


No business is for everyone and no business should try to be.

Woolworths is a perfect example of a business that had too broad a focus. You can almost guarantee that your grandparent, parents and siblings all knew of Woolworths, yet no one knew what their main purpose was. They had a broad focus and no customer avatar, hence they went bust.


So this angelfysh blog post helps you with the broad focus or narrow focus question.

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