Pushed content vs unique content

01 Dec 2017

When it comes to Social Media content there is a fine line between pushed and unique content.

Looking at it from an SEO perspective, search engines love unique content, the more the better. However there is often not the time or money for this.

Create too much unique content, you run the risk of wasting valuable time and effort. Keep pushing the same content, your business reputation will become one of spam – uncreative and lazy.

How to get the balance right.

Blogs are probably one of the most useful pieces of Social Media content you can create. From just one content rich blog you can then go on to create 4 to 5 pieces of content for your other platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. This allows you to get much more out of your unique content.

The amount of content needed for each business varies drastically depending on your industry, audience and purpose; but using your blog as a content starting block can be used across the majority of businesses.

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