10 years. 4 Bullets.

22 Nov 2016

angelfysh is ten years old this month, this year. That has turned a few heads and we are happy to welcome our new clients to our team. We will introduce them to you soon.

In the meantime, here are the four things that we major on here at angelfysh. This is what our new clients are accessing – all at the same time:

  • The ability to get to grips with our clients overall goals and what each client wishes to achieve. This includes profit and growth targets.
  • Being able to think strategically about how to communicate the business holistically, on a budget. All measurable.
  • Bringing together a wide range of marketing tactics to feed into as well as feed in to one another. Making sure we are spending time and money doing the right things.
  • Being able to manage the creative and design aspect for clients. We’ve been doing this bit for 15 years.

We actually can’t see how accessing any less than all four of these things at the same time can be the right thing to do. They’re all so intertwined.

If you’d like to chat, we are on 0191 276 6904 anytime.