Google to put mobile first

21 Oct 2016

According to statista it’s projected there will be 4.77 billion mobile phone users worldwide by 2017. That’s 63% of the population. In the UK alone, 93% of adults own a mobile phone.

And by 2017, two-thirds of mobile phone owners will use their phones to access the internet.

So it’s no surprise that just last week Google announced it will be dividing its search index between mobile and desktop within the next few months. The mobile index will become the primary one, giving mobile users better and fresher content.

Google mobile index

How does this affect website owners?
Put simply, if you don’t have a mobile friendly website you’re unlikely to have any visibility in Google in a few months time.

What does a mobile friendly website look like?
I wrote this blog article last year that explains what a mobile friendly website is and how to tell if you have one.

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Get in touch if you’d like to explore developing a mobile friendly website for your business. Below are some examples of websites we’ve created for clients.

Mobile friendly websites

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