angelfysh Client Story: UltraMAP (two of two)

12 Oct 2016

UltraMAP has a great slogan.

‘Security in an Insecure World’ works because it is short and memorable, it is very current (it launched at a time when the world is feeling rather shaky!) and finally it undermines the competition and supports UltraMAP’s unique proposition at the same time.

How to position yourself uniquely and undermine the enemy at the same time.
UltraMAP is unique because they are the only one of their kind (the only brand in their category) that monitors 24/7. So this slogan highlights this unique aspect, plus shines a spotlight on that which is missing from the also-rans.

Good adverts recommunicate this superiority and so attached to this blog there are four additional adverts to follow on from the four yesterday.