angelfysh Client Story: UltraMAP (one of two)

11 Oct 2016

UltraMAP came to angelfysh in 2016 with a fabulous offering and the green shoots of global recognition.

Their business was quite new, the market was an emerging one and the opportunity was great.

The website was newly launched, the logo was smart and fresh and the owners were, and are, totally clued-up.

What they needed next was a brand.

Sometimes doing things in an unusual order is just fine.
Martin and Des’s business was over communicating.

So marvellous is the offering and so detailed is the infrastructure that it is really hard to communicate what they are and do simply. And the more complicated a business communicates, the harder anything is to remember.

So we dug deep with UltraMAP and created a detailed brand framework document. From that came a series of eight brand supportive adverts that we drip-dripped across three Social Media platforms and their blog.

Done right; design and advertising follows brand

You can see four of the advertising solutions at this blog. Four more will appear tomorrow.