angelfysh Client Story: Serious Engineering

10 Oct 2016

Royal Mail Engineering is a wonderful setup that makes some of Britain’s most iconic street furniture ever. Around the world, the Royal Mail Post Box in all its variations is instantly recognisable.

Such high level metal fabrication expertise is of such value that the team decided to create a market-facing brand that would create an additional income stream for Royal Mail Engineering’s Metal Fabrication team.

And Serious Engineering was born.

The angelfysh way – the five step approach that works best

The angelfysh way is to remove randomness from design and marketing by following our five step approach. So we started by looking at the organisational objectives for the in-house manufacturing facility. We identified five key organisational objectives and then moved on to brand.

We developed a brand that stood the best chance of achieving the identified goals. A brand is nothing to do with what a business looks like of course, it is what the business internalises as its belief. It is its purpose.

Dyson’s brand is not a five letter word; it is a promise of no loss of suction.
Duracell’s brand is not a copper-topped battery, it is the promise that your things will last, ‘longer; much longer’.
And the Lynx brand does not exist so that young boys will smell nice, it is so that they will be able to attract and seduce young ladies like they never could before!

Brand is about perception, and making promises.

The Marketing Strategy followed and so too did the carefully selected tactics that lived within the strategy.

Lastly – design.

What is normally first out there is last in here.

In the world of angelfysh, design comes last. This can be quite disconcerting because design is tangible. It makes you feel safe because you can see it.

Brands are invisible; they exist only in the mind of the consumer so it is scary to invest in brand, or indeed anything that you cannot see.

But with no brand, there is no differentiation. No differentiation, no stand-out. And no stand out means that your targets don’t know why to use you over anyone else.

So don’t miss the brand step out or every penny that you spend afterwards is at best sub-optimal or at worst damagingly wasteful.