angelfysh Client Story: SAFESOL

07 Oct 2016

SAFESOL’s Vicki is one of the cleverest specialists we have ever worked with.

And as Vicki learned most of what she knows about chemicals from her dad, goodness knows what that makes him.

The simplest questions are the best ones.

SAFESOL is based in the North East of England and helps a number of different markets to benefit from its small but increasing range of market-specific and task-specific chemicals.

SAFESOL is a small, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable business. But when we met them there was one thing that we just were not clear on. And because we didn’t know this, neither did their customers and prospective customers.

SAFESOL’s range of chemicals is either developed by SAFESOL, or by third parties. The common theme with all of the chemicals on offer is that they are excellent! They do exactly what they are supposed to. SAFESOL are a ‘Do it once, do it right’ business.

But when we met them it was not clear who chose who. It was not clear whether SAFESOL pre-filtered and chose whose chemicals to sell, or whether the chemicals company allowed SAFESOL to sell their ranges.

And, at a brand level, this is important. So we asked the question.

The littlest things make all the difference.

It turns out that SAFESOL are extremely discerning. SAFESOL only stock and recommend what they believe is excellent. And we were so pleased by that.

SAFESOL are not a distributor. They are discerning, demanding experts; they don’t develop or sell just anything which may get them the best margin.

They only sell what they are proud to put their name on.

Brand questions.

This is an example of how operational, purchasing and decision making affect brand. Lots of marketing and design businesses see brand as what a business looks like. And it isn’t. It is what you stand for.

SAFESOL is The Clever Little Chemicals Company, only content with solving customer’s problems. And now the world knows this, and that they are not just another distributor – they sell more.

See. Simpler really is better.