angelfysh Client Story: Always Wear Red

06 Oct 2016

In February 2015, Michael had an idea for a fashion brand. One year later, to the day, the online store went live on February 14th 2016.

Always Wear Red has clear organisational objectives. It wants to be the go-to brand on a global scale for red or part red accessories. This is because of the power of the colour and that that power means.
Always Wear Red
Red is the colour that is seen by the human eye before all others. This is because it has the longest wavelength.

And it is the colour that is the greatest perception builder. It associates with power, status, intelligence, influence, sexuality, adventure and attractiveness.

Such an interesting idea!

Building the brand.

But all of that is rather complicated.

All great brands are simply constructed. And all great brands, as the great Simon Sinek tells us ask ‘why’ before ‘what’. Why is your purpose? And so Always Wear Red had to develop a brand purpose. One that was simple, memorable and ownable.

And what’s more, it had to be connected not to what the business does, but to what the business does for the consumer. These are two different things.

And so the brand purpose was born.

What the brand does is create red or part red accessories from the world’s very, very best raw materials.

What the business does for me is to give me the incredible feeling of confidence from knowing that I am seen first, that I am perceived positively and that I bought best.


Most slogans are awful. That’s why people don’t bother with them.

But CONFIDENCE IS A COLOUR is a good slogan. Alliterative, short enough to remember and it’s intriguing, too.

Brand first. Marketing second.

Marketing strategies and tactics cascade from brand and creative comes last. That’s how Always Wear Red has worked. The marketing is coherent because the brand keeps it that way. Everything feeds back to the brand promise of confidence.

And surprise, surprise. If this brand is consistent is talking only about ‘confidence’, guess what it becomes famous for?

The Always Wear Red online store is open now.