angelfysh Client Story: Virgin Money

05 Oct 2016

When Virgin Money was in the run-up to the launch of their current account in 2014, they came to angelfysh.

Virgin chatted to angelfysh about recruitment of all things. Specifically, they chatted to angelfysh about how to gain insight into how industry superstars within their sector used the Internet as a recruitment tool.

Then, they commissioned a report.

The Virgin Money Conundrum

Virgin is a wonderful brand.

In our twenty-odd years of experience working with businesses and brands (and there have been many) Virgin is the brand that lives its values most accurately and consistently. And that’s hard!

They are well known, global, distinct and – by all accounts – a pretty honourable bunch, too. So recruiting the best should be easy right? Well – yes and no.

As part of our work gathering information relating to how the Internet is used as a recruitment tool both proactively and reactively by agencies and by client jobseekers, we unearthed some real surprises. And one such conundrum was how to attract the sectors’ most hard-nosed and reward sensitive bankers to Virgin’s warm and friendly brand.

Thank goodness we have a team that understands brand! Marketing is important, but without a true understanding of how ‘true brands’ are created and interfaced with this world have been impossible.

It was great to have been asked to help a brand that we hold in such high regard.