Duncan Bannatyne's 43 Business Mistakes...

03 Oct 2016

Last weekend I eventually made time and started reading a book I’d had sitting in my office for months… 43 Mistakes Businesses Make and how to avoid them by Duncan Bannatyne.

43 Mistakes Businesses Make... and how to avoid them by Duncan Bannatyne

I was 7 chapters in when my husband asked what I’d learnt so far. Well there’d been a few ‘raised eyebrow’ moments when I thought “Oh yeah that makes sense” but on the whole, up to now, I’m glad to say that what I’ve read I was already aware of. Meaning that I’m on the right track!

It’s a great book and I recommend anyone in business read it. In fact there’s only ever been one other book that I could barely put down, For Richer, For Poorer: Confessions of a Player by Victoria Coren Mitchell.

Thanks for reading.