• Read (Mark) This

    05 Mar 2015

    I helped Mark with a few Internet Marketing things.

    He’s a lovely chap; interesting and interested. And he’s written a book too.

    You can get the book here.

    I’m lucky though, as Mark gave me a copy.

    “The Thisness of This” is a book providing tools for better living. Mark wrote the book as he wanted to share some of the tools he finds useful in managing his energy in a way that enables him to live the life he chooses to live.

    So if you want to achieve the same kind of thing, get the book.

    Here’s my copy:

    Mark This

    Mark This


  • tea, cakes, a really impressive care-sector Quality Consultancy and the serious task of increasing website traffic

    02 Mar 2015

    New angelfysh client Bettal Quality Consultancy is an impressive setup.

    I met Managing Director Albert and his son Stuart (General Manager) in Corbridge for a cup of tea and a chat in February 2015.

    Quality Management

    I wanted to get to know the father and son team better, and to see if I and the angelfysh team could actually deliver what they wanted.

    Email and telephone are all very well, but a little face-time is much better. Especially at the beginning of a potential working relationship.

    Getting to know Bettal

    So, I found out that Managing Director Albert has 30 years of industry experience. That’s a great start. Albert has also held one of the most senior positions in his Industry in the United Kingdom, and was at one time personally and solely responsible for the legislative infrastructures and frameworks inside over 200 care homes concurrently.


    Further investigation showed that Albert and Stuart’s marketplace is dominated by one player that takes about 75% of all spend on Quality Systems inside the care sector. The remaining 25% is then pretty fragmented.

    What’s the plan?

    At the start of any new working relationship, I have to have a plan.

    Bettal is not – in the short term at least – looking to become the dominant force in the marketplace.

    Bettal is looking to see what happens when they get a better presence than every single one of the also-rans (the 25%) in Google’s organic listings.

    I will be able to get Bettal a better presence than all of the competitors, including the number one brand actually, for the most desirable search terms in the market. I’m never worried about that.

    But I do worry, with all clients, about conversion.

    So, in a few months, we’ll look at how the traffic converts. If it converts well (5% plus) then all that wonderful stuff I’ve mentioned up there about Albert’s experience and wonderfulness will be apparent to the visitors. The Bettal offering will be compelling enough as-is. The massively increased traffic that I’m going to drive to the website will ‘just know’ why to buy. And they will.

    If conversion is low, then we know we have to focus on brand positioning and messaging. I tend to use Violet Bick for that bit.

    The hard work starts here

    Anyhow, the hard work starts here. This blog story is just a teeny insight into how I set this particular assignment up. It really is crucial to get to know all of my clients really well.

    I left that meeting in February with quite a bit of homework to do – and some great cakes as well as it happens.

    Have you seen the bakery in Corbridge?


    What a great job I have.


  • CLIENT: Brand new 'Old Autumn House'

    20 Feb 2015

    Old Autumn House is a new angelfysh client. Here’s the website.

    Old Autumn House

    First things first, the angelfysh team is helping to polish up a few things on the existing website, then the updated website is being launched in March 2015.

    We’ll drive lots of traffic to Laura’s website, of course. But it’s only natural that we want the website, when the new visitors do get there, to be excellent.

    There’s a lot more about Laura and her amazing products that we’ll want to write about; so that’s what we’ll do here at our blog under the ‘angelfysh life’ tagging.

    More soon.

    Lisa Forster

  • Helping Virgin Money find the right answers

    02 Feb 2015

    What do people do online? Where do they ‘hang out’? How are they influenced? And how do we influence them?…

    Virgin Money

    These were just some of the questions that Virgin Money asked angelfysh to find the answers to with regards to recruiting the very best in the run up to the launch of their new current account.

    Lisa Forster

  • Social media for Age UK

    10 Jan 2015

    Led by angelfysh consultant Debbie, Age UK North Tyneside’s social platforms have been responsible for recruiting fabulous new volunteers, encouraging signups for events, sharing vital information, establishing contacts with other charities and, very importantly, provided a friendly ear to talk to… the character of Alfie, who chats on Twitter for Age UK North Tyneside has, on more than one occasion, been the person of choice for older people to open up to. The most poignant moment being when an older gentleman asked Alfie for guidance on checking himself for cancer.

    Age UK North Tyneside

    Lisa Forster

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